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Handicrafts of Kiso


making OrokugushiWooden combs of other regions have been produced by machines since the early 1900s. Orokugushi, on the other hand, have been made by hand continuously. Close to 100 tines (prongs) over the length of 10 centimeters are created in parallel at even intervals with a fine hand-made saw. This finesse and skill is a product of years of experience and 'seat-of-the-pants', 'hands on' learning.
The skill has been handed down to approximately 10 people. In 1973, "the Skill of Orokugushi" was recognized as an 'intangible folk culture heritage' of Nagano Prefecture. The tools and products are preserved in the Kisomura Folk Museum and the workshop has been restored.

Lacquer Craft

Lacquer crafts produced with traditional skills enrich your lifestyle with these luxurious products. There are even straw-rope patterned lacquer crafts a new art craft, which is made using a combination of lacquer, rope and soil.

Nezuko Wood Art & Craft

Arts & crafts created using Nezuko, one of Kiso's five trees, are popular in giving an earthy feeling and featuring beautiful wood grains.

Nagiso Wood Turning

It is designated as a national traditional craft. Tea-implements, trays and bowls with beautiful wood grain are some of the goods created using this craft.

Cypress Wood Hats

Cypress hats made from cypress shaved into thin strips and knitted by hand with a traditional technique is a practical product featuring beautiful weaving and a pleasing fragrance.

Wooden Toys

Wooden toyAmusing and lovely wooden toys are created in rich natural style.
We have undertakings to make new wooden toys by using larch thinned wood.


Hyakusou  Containing various kinds of herb extracts including cork tree bark essence, Hyakusou is a famous digestive medicine which has been passed down by the villagers in this region. Ancestors brewed the inner bark of cork trees at the foot Mt. Ontake to make this medicine. This was process was the beginning of Hyakusou.

Canvas & Frame

Canvas and FrameKiso village is blessed with bountiful forest resources and is one of the most famous canvas-producing sites in Japan as the "village of Sunday painters".