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Festivals of Kiso

From Spring to Summer

Nagiso Azalea Festival

Date: Mid-April
Site: Tenpak Park, Nagiso Town
Nagiso Azalea Festival About 400 Azaleas clustered in Tenpaku park bloom with their bright pink flowers.
Local specialties and Azalea seedlings are sold during the festival.


Komagatake Shrine Festival

Date:3rd, May
Site:Shrine, Tokuhara Region, Agematsu Town
A dance is dedicated to the deity of the shrine at the shrine in Tokuhara district, Agematsu town. The sight of seeing four people dancing with a white Tengu mask is really impressive.
It is designated as one of the area's 'intangible folklore cultural assets'.


Jyoshoji Flower Festival

Date:Early May
Site:Shrine, Tokuhara Region, Agematsu Town
Jyoshoji Flower FestivalIt is held for the celebration of Buddha's birth. You can see the march of a papier-mâché white elephant pulled by children and "Suhara Baneso", the event of dancing to folk music, has been continued to be handed down for 600 years.

Kiso Lacquer Craft Festival & Narai Post Station Festival
Ochatsubo Dochu

Kiso Lacquer Craft Festival

Kiso Lacquer Craft Festival

Date:From the first Friday to Sunday of June
Site:Narakawa Region, Shiojiri City
It showcases early summer of the Kisoji area. It is held across the Narakawa region, but particularly in the Hirasawa region of Kiso, the major production area of Kiso lacquer craft. Exhibitions, and spot sales of gems of craft work filled with the soul of the craftsman and bargains are held at about 20 stores. Please come and find your choice of lacquer craft.
Narai Post Station Festival (Ochatsubo Dochu) 

Narai Post Town Festival (Ochatsubo Dochu)

Date:From first Friday to Sunday of June Ochatsubo Dochu isheld on Sunday, the final day.
Site:Narai Post Town

It is held on the same day as the Kiso Lacquer Craft Festival. It features the "Ochatsubo Procession" on Sunday, the final day. Ochatsubo Dochu refers to a parade departing from Uji, Kyoto, carrying the first tea of the season to be presented to the ruling Shogun of the Tokugawa clan.
You can see as Narai Post Town slips back in time to the Edo period.


Yabuhara Shrine Festival

Date:8th and 9th, July
Site:Kiso village
Yabuhara Shrine FestivalYabuhara Shrine FestivalThis festival has a history of about 500 years. It is said to have started from a time of praying for the end to a disease spreading by invoking divine protection through people performing a dance in a lion's mask. Stalls of male and female lions and portable shrine dodge and brush against each other. This is an event you should not miss!

Suimu Shrine Festival (Mikoshi Makuri)

Date:22nd and 23rd, July
Site:Fukushima, Kiso town
It is a unique and exciting summer festival in Kiso Fukushima. The main feature of this festival is Mikoshi Makuri. People roll over Mikoshi, portable shrine, made from local wood and break it till late at night. It weight about 400kg. Vertical rolling is dynamic and overwhelming. Also a firework festival is held on the night of the 22nd, July.

Kiso-Odori Dance Festival

Site: The square in front of Kisofukushima Branch, Kiso town
Kiso Dancing FestivalBon dance to "Kisobushi" a unique Kiso style of folk music. It was known even to the people of long ago in the old capital of Kyoto. It is performed at present after the summer festival. The Kiso Odori (dance) events are held in August each year in Kiso town. Many people get together for it around the town every night. 

From Autumn to Winter

Fukushima Checkpoint Festival (ended in 2012)

Site: Fukushima, Kiso town
Fukushima Checking Point FestivalIt is a festival associated with the Fukushima inter regional border check point, one of four great checking points. You spend time surrounded with a great deal of Edo atmosphere.
People wearing traditional costumes walk around in a reenactment of a procession of Yamamura, a deputy official, on his way to Edo. Wander around the town and enjoy the old Edo atmosphere.
Local specialties are sold in front of the Kiso City branch office. The circumstances at the checkpoints of that time are re-enacted in short skits at the Fukushima check point.

Hanauma Festival

DateFirst Sunday of October
Siteat the square in front of Tadachi station
Three Kiso Horses carrying flower like rice ears with five-colored paper on their saddles parade to the music of flutes and drums from the square in front of Tadachi Station to the Itsumiya shrine. The festival's main attraction is people jostling over the flowers put on the backs of the three horses. The flowers are said to protect the people against danger if they are put at the entrance of ones house and against insects if put on the ridge between rice fields. It is a traditional event that has been designated as one of Nagano Prefecture's 'intangible folklore assets'.


Kaida Plateau Buckwheat Festival

Date:14th , October
Site:Kaida Platesu, Kiso town
Kaida Plateau buckwheat festivalPeople eat newly harvested Soba (buckwheat) in Kaida Plateau, one of the most famous Soba-producing areas in Nagano. Performances including drum beating are held on a stage. Local specialties are sold. Annual Soba eating contests energize the festival.

Emaki Parade

Date:23rd, November
Site:Tsumago Post Town, Nagiso Town
Emaki ParadePeople clothed as Traditional characters clad in costumes representing feudal lords, monks, and a bride riding on a Kiso horse walk in a parade around the town. You may feel as if you have slipped back into the 'Edo period'.


Kisoji Ice Candle Festival

Date:from January end 
Site:All 11 post towns in Kisoji & 3 sites at the foot of Kiso-Ontake Mountain
It is held at each Post Town and in each region based on their respective tastes of how to best celebrate in the depths of midwinter. You can enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of candles lit all around the town.

Kisoji Hyosetsu Himaturi Kisoji Hyosetsu Himaturi Kisoji Hyosetsu Himaturi Kisoji Hyosetsu Himaturi

Year Round

Adventure Races

Date:All-year Site:Otaki village
Adventure RaceSports events such as bicycle races and adventure races are held throughout the year in Otaki village. There is a mountain bike race running 100 kilometers up and down hills and through the forest trails on a mountain bike. All of these challenging events including the "sky marathon" running through the Mt. Ontake area confront you with the great natural environs of Otaki village.