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Around Yabuhara Post Town


Yabuhara Post Town had been an inn town ever since Yoshinaka Kiso established Kiso's 11 post towns in the Sengoku period. Since 1601, when the Nakasendo was completed, Yabuhara Post Town was designated and maintained as a Post Town on the Nakasendo. Yabuhara station also bustled as the road fork of the Nagawa route to Hida that extended to Takayama.
Traces of the old are vanishing gradually due to building renovations in recent years, however the elements of old cityscape still remain in such things as stonewalls for fire protection and are still being preserved. Yabuhara Post Town has been a thriving hub of comb production, and is well known as home of the "Oroku" comb. The traditional skill of comb making has been handed down to a few people.
In the Kiso Folk Museum, you can see a demonstration of "Oroku" comb making, which has been designated as an 'intangible cultural asset'.

Nearest station:Yabuhara Station, on the JR Tokai Chuo line
Location:Kiso Village, Kiso District, Nagano