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Tsumago Post Town


It was the first Post Town in Japan that preserved an old street and was selected as an 'Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District'.

Old buildings still remaining in the streets, glowing old lamps and springs to drink from remind you of old post towns. It seems as if the 'Edo period' is condensed and preserved in its entirety.

No Vehicle traffic is permitted within this Post Town so that you can stroll peacefully. At night Tsumago Post Town is illuminated with its lamps exhibiting nothing but the original scenery of Edo period Japan.
Tsumago Post Town, together with the neighboring Magome Post Town and the slope leading to Magome Post Town are renowned tourist spots representing the essence of Kisoji.

Nearest station: Nagiso station on the JR Tokai Chuo line Take an Ontake Kotsu bus (Tsumago &Run line and Tsumago & Magome line) and get off at Tsugome bus stop.
Location:Nagiso town, Kiso District, Nagano

Attraction 1 : Tsumago Post Town - Wakihonjin Okuya

It is the building which served as an inn for daimyo (feudal lords) and as a wholesaling facility. In the 10th year of the Meiji period, the existing building was lavished with Japanese cypress, use of which had been banned until then, and built to resemble a Japanese castle. It is designated as a cultural asset of national importance.
In the backyard, there is a museum of traditional materials, where the history of Nagiso town and Kisoji and of the movements to preserve it and other such locations and cityscapes across Japan are displayed with the use of models and imagery.