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Around Niekawa Post Town


Niekawa is a peaceful Post Town stretched out along the center of the valley and the northernmost of Kiso's 11 post towns.

Niekawa Post Town was the site of one of two government-designated checkpoints in Kisofukushima along the Nakasendo, a road that ran between present-day Tokyo and Kyoto. It was in operation until the checking system was abolished in 1869. Its original old street was mostly burnt down in a massive fire in 1930; however, you can see the traces of the old town around Kaginote. Present-day route 19 bypasses the old post towns so preserving their peaceful streets. Niekawa checkpoint was demolished in 1868. However, it was restored in 1976 based on old drawings and has been open to the public since. Also, house names can be seen put up on the fronts of each house.

Nearest station:Niekawa station, on the JR Tokai Chuo line
Location:Niekawa, Shiojiri City, Nagano