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Fukushima Post Town


Fukushima Post Town is famous for having had one of the four great checking points, the Fukushima checkpoint. It flourished as a castle town of Kiso clan, a feudal lord, during the Sengoku period and as a Jinny (administrative center) town of Yamamura clan, Kiso's local governor, during the 'Edo period'. Having one of four great checking points made this Post Town to develop into a large Post Town.
A great portion of this Post Town was burnt down by the flames so that old buildings do not remain, however, you can reminisce the old days by observing the terrain and road. Rows of houses align along the Kiso river retain the remnants of the past.

Nearest station:Fukushima Station, on the JR Tokai Chuo line
Location:Fukushima, Kiso town, Kiso District, Nagano

Attraction 1 : Kozenji

It is one of Kiso three great temples. It is a family temple for Yoshinaka Kiso and Yamamura clan. The garden on a premise is the largest dry landscape garden in the East. You can see the gorgeous scenery, which is based on the sea of clouds. Weeping cherry tree planted by Yoshinaka Kiso is also a must-see attraction.