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Agematsu Post Town


Agematsu Post Town flourished as a production center of Kiso Cypress (Hinoki). This area is a source of native trees including the prized Kiso Cypress and where many workers and travelers congregated to bring a lively atmosphere to the Post Town. There is the "Nezame no toko", a natural rock feature sculpted by erosion. The fantastic scenery provided by this peculiar rock is known as one of the places the legendary story of Urashima Taro which has been passed on from one generation to the next.

Nearest station: Agematsu station, on the JR Tokai Chuo line
Location:Agematsu Town, Kiso District, Nagano

Attraction 1 : Kiso Bridge

It had been described in classical Japanese verse as a synonym for dangerous. It was said to be the most dangerous spot of the Nakasendo.
It was a bridge made of woven wisteria vine, which spanned several hundred meters over the cliffs of the Kiso River, however, only the remnants of this great bridge remain in the stone masonry below the present national road.

Attraction 2 : Nezame no Toko

It was formed from huge granite rocks carved by the torrents of the Kiso river.
You can see the magnificent scenery from your train window as you pass by. Writers and poets in the old days who visited the Nakasendo often recorded it in their writings and verse handing it down as a national treasure to us today.
The present visible shape appeared as a result of lowered water levels following the building of a hydroelectric power station. Its exquisite color scheme is created by the contrasting huge white granite rocks and the emerald green of the river.
Urashima-do hall was built at the center of the huge rock. It is said that Urashima Taro enshrined the Sarasvati there. You can make your way to it on foot.