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The Kiso area (Kisodani) is collectively referred to as the area surrounding the upper reaches of Kiso River valley and is located in the southeast of Nagano Prefecture, which lies almost at the center of Japan's main island, Honshu. It is a mountainous region surrounded by a range of high mountains called the central highlands.

The municipalities belonging to Kiso area (Kisodani) include; Agematsu Town, Kiso Town, Nagiso Town, Otaki Village, Okuwa Village, Kiso Village, Narakawa District (Shiojiri City), Nagawa District (Matsumoto City), Mikasa, Magome, and Yamaguchi (Nakatsugawa City of Gifu Prefecture).

Temperature and Rainfall

Kiso has a typical highland climate. Humidity is low and stable throughout the year and rainfall is comparatively light.

Kiso Town (Fukushima-juku)

Kiso Town (Hukushimajyuku )

Nakatsugawa City (Magome-juku)

Nakatsugawa City(Magomejyuku)