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Multilingual Pamphlets

The Kiso Tourist Federation can send out the foreign language pamphlets on this page (FREE shipping).
It is possible to have them sent in bundles of 100.
Contact them for more information.



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A digital book for walking the route of 11 post towns on post Edo period’s Nakasendo Kisoji
Two pages of the 82 km Kisoji from Sakurazawa in the north to Magome in the south.
Distributed by: The Kiso Tourist Federation

Kisoji pamphlets in four languages: English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean


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Introducing Kisoji in four languages
14 pages total. A map of Kisoji is printed on the last two pages.
Size: 21 cm x 23.5 cm
Distributed by: The Kiso Tourist Federation

Kisoji guide map (English)


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An English guide map for enjoying Kisoji
Size: 19 cm x 23 cm, bi-fold
Distributed by: The Kiso Tourist Federation

Journey in Kiso(English)


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 map-1 (4,356kbyte)pdf
 map-2 (2,098kbyte)pdf
Vidit local storehouses with barrels and tubs to taste fermented food.
Distributed by: The Kiso Regional Union


The Kiso Tourist Federation
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TEL: +81-264-23-1122 FAX: +81-264-23-1122

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